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About this site

This site provides basic information and table of contents of Library and Information Science, as well as bibliographic data and full text PDF of the articles published on the Journal. Bibliographic data and full text seach is available through the search box placed on top right of each page.

Bibliograhy can also obtained via OpenSearch or OAI-PMH APIs.

API specifications


OpenSearch API implements following standard parameters:

qSearch words
startstarting record position of the search result
formatatom (fixed)

Use following REST URI to obtain a bibliographic data of a Journal article in this site.{searchTerms}&start={startPage?}&format=atom

Data will be returned as Atom/XML. Current max search result is limited to 20. Use start parameter to get more results.


OAI-PMH API implements following standard keyword arguments:

verbtoken used to specify the request (see below)
identifierunique identifier of a paper
fromlower bound datestamp for selective harvesting
untilupper bound datestamp for selective harvesting
metadataPrefixmetadata format of returning record (oai_dc or junii2)
resumptionTokenflow control token returned by a previous request that issued an incomplete list

Available requests (verbs) are as follows:

Identifyretrieve information about this repository
ListMetadataFormatsretrieve the metadata formats available from this repository (oai_dc or junii2)
ListIdentifiersretrieving only headers rather than records from this repository
ListRecordsharvest records from this repository
GetRecordretrieve an individual metadata record

Use following REST request to obtain list of IDs in this repository.

Use following REST request to obtain a record of an article (eg. obtain a record of the article whose ID is LIS001021and with oai_dc format).

Current max result is limited to 50. To get more results, send a consecutive request with resumptionToken parameter.