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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS005185)

WATANABE,Shigeo, NAKANO,Kunie, OKA,Takako
Awards and Prizes for Children's Books in Japan
No.5, p.185-201
Issue date

Awards and prizes for children's books in Japan for the last twenty years have encouraged young authors to write creative works and the publishers to endeavour to put out books in new fields, thus given a vital influence to the improvement of quality of children's books published in this country.

The winners of these awards and prizes have been announced annually on various places, but there has been no single list of awards and prizes for children's books made yet as a reference tool.

The compilers of the list have tried as far as possible to check the original documents preserved in the sponsoring agencies of awards and prizes, otherwise have traced the announcements appeared in different publications.(Japan Library School)