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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS011001)

A Comprehensive Review of the Curriculum of the School of Library and Information Science at Keio University
No.11, p.1-62

The framework for current curricula of our School had been revised in 1972 and is now fully operational. Although every curriculum is subject to constant improvements, the basic structures must be explicitly stated in order to secure good communication among teaching staff themselves and between students and teachers.

The present issue is specially dedicated to summing up the skeleton of entire undergraduate curricula. The undergraduate course must be complete in its own right, and to cover all aspects of librarianship and some new topics in information retrieval, it is based on “articulated diversificatio” of some subjects, extended over 3 academic years.

The subjects presented here are, for convenience's sake, grouped into five larger categories; fundamentals, recorded materials, organization of materials, information systems, and miscellaneous (including practice and thesis). Each category is broken down to specifics, and every description is composed of purpose, units and structure, methods of teaching, and problems and prospects.

We invite comments on and criticisms to any subjects desplayed here. To our regrets we have to postpone part of the subjects, which will, together with those presented here, form an integral whole of our curricula.