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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS011073)

Training of University Librarians and Education for Library Scince in Japan
No.11, p.73-82

To discuss the problems of training of university librarians in Japan, it is necessary to know their present states in this country. The writer, therefore, analyses the data on qualifications and academic backgrounds of the present university library staff members in this country, and explains the present recruitment procedures for library staff members of the national universities. In case of recruitment of the national university library staff, any applicant should first pass the recruitment examination given by the Government. There are, however, many successful candidates, passing through the difficult examination but not being employed, because the employer’s requirement and the applicant’s needs do not match.

Knowing such a present status as stated in the above, the writer discusses the problems of training of university library staff members. As a university librarian, he is required to have acquired knowledge of general education, managerial capabilities, domestic and foreign language abilities, and knowledge of a subject. Some people emphasizes the need of knowledge in a specific subject field in depth, but in the writer’s opinion, subject specialists should be inducted under the necessity.

Since World War II, Japanese education for library science has been given on the college level, but it is, in most cases, still on the confines of vocational education. Education for library science exists not merely for training of librarians. It is true that education of librarians must have its basis on research in library science, and research in library science must be closely connected with actual library activities. The fact, however, should not mean that library science must be limited by the actualities, but it must rather orientate the actualities.

Since services of a profession are supported by “Wissenschaft” forming the foundation of the profession, professional education which has its basis on scientific research should be necessarily given on the university level. Thus, when education for library science would go beyond the confines of vocationalism, professional librarians trained in sophisticated library science could reform the actualities of university libraries in Japan.

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