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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS015181)

Demerits of the Library of Congress Subject Headings as Search Key at the Mechanized Post-coordinate Information Retrieval System
No.15, p.181-188

Since the beginning of MARC tape distribution service in 1969, many systems utilizing MARC data-base have been developed. The most popular one would be a catalog production system, of book-form, card-form, or microfilm type. Information retrieval from MARC database is also a promising study area, and several systems such as SELDOM system at University of Saskatchewan have been developed. These systems are using, in general, titles, geographic area codes, LC and DC classification numbers, LC subject headings, and author names as search key respectively or in combination with each other.

Although the number of postings of LC subject headings, in a MARC record is not many at present time, it may be probable that the number will augument in order to make machine search of MARC records more effective. In that case, decomposition of subject headings to produce indexing terms for the post-coordinate system and searching of MARC records by logical coordination of such indexing terms will be made.

The present paper describes following points from the above-mentioned standpoint: subject retrieval of MARC records in general; kinds, structure, and characteristics of LC subject headings; difference between pre- and post-coordinate indexing systems in terms of indexing terms; problems encountered when trying to produce indexing terms from the decomposition of the LC subject headings; and finally, some suggestions to solve these problems.

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