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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS016185)

Compilation of a Remote Sensing Thesaurus
No.16, p.185-196

A thesaurus in the fields of “remote sensing” was constructed by following the steps shown in the Documentation-Guidelines for the Establishment and Development of Monolingual Thesauri, published by ISO in 1974.

There have not yet been published so many research papers on this subject of “remote sensing.” However, the subject fields in which this technology is applied are expanding to various areas, such as meteorology, land use, environment, disaster, agriculture, forestry, and hydrology. And there is no published thesaurus that covers all of these fields properly, while the need for building up a data base on the subject is increasing. That was why the compilation of a thesaurus on this subject was attempted.

For selecting the terms to be used as discriptors, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment, vols. 6-10, 1969-1973, were chosen as the sources. The Proceedings contained 680 papers on the subject. To make a frequency table of appearance of words in these papers, a KWIC index was compiled.

The Remote Sensing Thesaurus thus constructed is not fully completed and has yet many problems to be solved. For instance, the distribution of discriptors to the 13 categories selected for this thesaurus is not well ballanced and some certain categories, such as “Technology,” “Areas,” received quite a number of discriptors, while others, such as “Transportation,” “Roads,” received none.

The selection of category terms and distribution of descriptors may have to be reexamined.

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