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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS016253)

Woman Librarianship: Cases of Private College and University Libraries in Japan 1977
No.16, p.253-280

The 1977 statistics of the Japan Association of Private University and College. Libraries show that the ratio of female library staff is 53.6%. About 60% of them had retired within 5 years during 1973--77 period due to marriage and childbirths, and did not get jobs again. The reason is, (i) the social climate that women should devote themselves to serve their own families, and (ii) there is no system of reinstatement.

Under these circumstances, a study group formed in the Mita Society for Library and Information Science had carried out a survey for making clear the consciousness of female librarians working in member libraries of the Association. Questionnaires consisting of 28 items were sent to 1000 female librarians and 845 were returned. Fourty three per cent of the respondents are graduates of colleges or universities, but about half of them are without formal education for librarianship.

Their motivation is quite clear and the morale very high. Generally they expressed strong dissatisfaction to the management in that they are not given explanation of the line of policy of the libraries (75%), and are feeling that they cannot fully rely on their superiors (61%). They also regard the library service as ineffective and inefficient. The responses clearly suggest that the administration of libraries, and more specifically, in-service training programs, should be firmly established, and desirably the reinstatement system as well.