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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS018001)

Reports on the Analysis of Documents and Materials for Library and Information Science Education
No.18, p.1-28

It has become to be recognized, more and more, that the future development of library and information science in Japan requires and reflects overall understanding of the international trends in the field and on the needs to survey library and information science education in today’s Japan.

The authors of this paper have endeavoured to identify new trends in the library and information science field in Japan and other nations. The authors collected and analysed documents and materials on education for library and information science, including curricula in Japan, U.S. A., and the Philippines. In addition, proposals prepared by major international organizations such as OECD, FID, and UNESCO, and by the American Society for Information Science were also consulted. Results of our analysis reveal the following conspicuous trends;

(1) Library and information science education in Japan is at a very low level on the average, due to the fact that most of the courses are given in two-year colleges. Moreover, no basic guideline exists for educational programs in such colleges.

(2) Overall curricula in the United States are in a transitional period from traditional library science to newly developed library and information science or information studies courses. Schools named “library science” are still offering traditional courses including mainly basic and administrative courses, while schools named “library and information science” or “information studies” principally offer technical processing courses in library operations. Some schools, it would appear, tend to concentrate on the humanistic rather than technological aspects of information transfer.

(3) The authors of this paper are convinced that the proposal offered by UNESCO is more applicable to Japan than those offered by other international organizations.

Further study will be conducted by the authors of this paper.

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