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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS018077)

Development of a Personalized Information Retrieval System, ACQUIRE
No.18, p.77-88

This paper describes a personalized information retrieval system ACQUIRE (APL Conversational QUery and Information REtrieval system), which is developed for individual researchers and scientists to input, update, and search information of their own by themselves.

ACQUIRE is programmed in APL and implemented through CMS (Conversational Monitor System) on the IBM VM/370. The system consists of storage and retrieval subsystems. The former (named ACCUM) is used for input and updating of personalized information, while the latter (named ACQUIRE, same as the total system) is used for searching and display of the stored information.

The system requires two kinds of files, namely, data file and index files. Data file is a collection of information being input by users. They are able to input any bibliographic information they choose to form their own data file via terminal or any selected records from existing databases.

The system has 14 commands such as INPUT, EDIT, BROWSE, PHRASE, SEARCH, SCAN, DISPLAY, PRINT, STORE, EXECUTE, HELP, CHANGE, DESCRIBE, and END. INPUT creates new files or add new records to existing files. EDIT updates existing files. BROWSE lists ten alphabetically consecutive keywords from the one which begins with the character string given by users. PHRASE lists alphabetically all phrase-form keywords which include the single-form keyword specified by users. SEARCH finds relevant records by using index files while SCAN searches specified field of data file sequentially. DISPLAY shows the (whole) description of retrieved records on the terminal while PRINT outputs them on the line printer. STORE saves search formulae for later use and EXECUTE searches index files by using the stored search formulae. HELP provides users with a more detailed guide for using the system. CHANGE is provided for the case where more than two data files are registered and selects a data file to be processed. DESCRIBE gives an explanation of data file(s). END terminates a subsystem.

Since ACQUIRE system is programmed in APL it is concise and flexible, and it is relatively easy to change or modify some parts of the program to meet the needs of users.

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