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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS018195)

引用文献による生理学雑誌の構造分析:Journal Citation Reports (JCR) 1978年版をもとに
Structural Analysis of Physiology Journals Using Journal Citation Reports Z 978 (ICR)
No.18, p.195-208

The structure and interrelations of 20 physiology journals are investigated for studies on research activities in physiology and its network of journal information transfer. The Journal Citation Reports 1978 (JCR) is used to obtain the source data for these journals.

A two-step map, a journal cross-citing matrix and a hierachical diagram are prepared. To find out the citation pattern of each journal, the Spearman’s rank-difference formula is used for grouping the journals.

The following results are obtained; (1) The central core journal in the field of physiology is Journal of Physiology (Lond.). (2) Twenty physiology journals are divided into two sub-groups in physiology and a physiology related group. American Journal of Physiology and Brain Research are the core journals in each physiology sub-groups. (3) Brain Research is the core journal in the field of neurophysiology. (4) Journal of Physiology (Lond.) and Brain Research are connected in the two-step map, but American Journal of Physiology and Brain Research are not connected. (5) American Journal of Physiology is different from the other journals published by physiological societies, and it cites Journal of Clinical Investigation and Circulation Research in the two-step map.

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