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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS021001)

UEDA,Shu-ichi, MIWA,Makiko, NAKAYAMA,Kazuhiko
Basic Literature of Library Science and Information Science; A Citation Analysis Survey
No.21, p.1-17
Issue date

A method is described for the identification of “basic” literature in the library science and the information science by means of citation studies. A basic literature was defined as cited books or artic1es that a group of papers published in a decipline cited high frequently and the time span between citing papers and cited literatures was over ten years.

In the library science, citations from all of the articles in Library Journal, Library Resources and Technical Services, Special Libraries, and College and Research Libraries are chosen (5,488 articles) and in the information science, JASIS and Journal of Documentation are examined (923 articles). The data base used is Social Sciences Citation Index (1970-1980).

There is some difference in basic literatures of two diciplines; (1) articles in the information science cite basic literatures more frequently, (2) most of the basic literature in the information science were published after 1940, (3) there are few duplicated books in two disciplines.

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