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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS021181)

Standardization of Implementation Format for Bibliographic Information Interchange on Magnetic Tape
No.21, p.181-207

It may be said that the present age is one wherein computers are being introduced into every possible sphere, even becoming a part of our social lives. The same situation is found in the information community.

The value of introducing computers is particularly highly rated as the overall theme of the information community is “Providing needed information to those in need when it is needed.” However, due to the evolution of various machine-readable forms of bibliographic information formats, the introduction of computers has, conversely produced an impeding factor when it should have been of service in universal bibliographic control.

As is introduced in this script, the Bibliographic Information Exchange Format has been developed as an interface to the various formats. UNIMARC, ISO 2709, UNISIST-Reference Manual, MEKOF, etc., these were proposed together as a multiple number of universal bibliographic information exchange formats.

The Common Communication Format, which was to combine the multiple number of universal bibliographic information exchange tape formats, has still not been announced, after 5 and a half years since the problem was raised.

Since its establishment, its method of use is not one that would solve the present situation of the various formats now being used, rather it seems that it will be distributed as an option. Moreover, standardization activities are developing in Europe and the U. S. A., leaving many problems to be dealt with in the promotion of bibliographic data exchange.

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