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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS036051)

Changing of the Term “Informatio” in Higher Educational Institutions in Japan
No.36, p.51-62

The purpose of this study is to examine the change of the meanings of the term “informatio” as appeared in names of departments and courses in Japanese universities, mainly in the context of the influence of the policies by the Ministry of Education.

This research analyzed the names of 272 departments and courses which have the term “informatio”. They were classified into three periods by the years when they were established; the 1st period (1968--1985), the 2nd (1986--1992), the 3rd (1993--1996). These periods correspond with the three different policies of the Ministry of Education.

Terms which appear in the names other than the term “informatio” were analyzed.

Main results are as follows;

1) Number of departments and courses which have names including the term “informatio” increased from the 1st period to the 3rd in relation with the policies of the Ministry of Education.

2) At the 1st period the term “informatio” was almost synonymous with the term “compute”. At the 2nd it was used with terms of various fields which apparently have no specific relationship with it. The meaning of the term “informatio” became diversified, showing the interdisciplinary nature of information-related departments and courses at the 3rd.