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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS037055)

Public Library Services for the Aged in Japan: A National Survey
No.37, p.55-70
Issue date

The purpose of this paper is to overview the current situation of public library services for the aged in Japan. A questionnaire survey was carried out from October 24, 1997 to November 21, 1997. A sample was drawn from each of the following four groups: libraries 1) in cities and wards with high aging rate (Group I), 2) in towns and villages with high aging rate (Group II), 3) in cities and wards with low aging rate (Group III), 4) in towns and villages with low aging rate (Group IV). Additionally, public libraries which were known to provide with services for the aged were also surveyed as a group (Group V). The questionnaire consists of six sections; (A) resources, (B) facilities, (C) inhouse services, (D) outreach, (E) participation of the aged in library programs, (F) problems and prospects. It was found that there were diffrences in the services provided for the aged between the libraries in the area with high aging rate and ones in the area with low aging rate. On the other, there were few differences between the libraries in cities/wards and ones in towns/villages.