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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS044027)

Comparison between concepts of "work" in IFLA/FRBR and in ISWC and ISTC
No.44, p.27-41
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IFLA/FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) provides a structured framework (conceptual model) for relating the data which are recorded in bibliographic records to identify information resources. IFLA/FRBR has 4 bibliographic entities (work, expression, manifestation, item) in its conceptual model.

ISWC (ISO 15707 Information and documentation―International Standard Musical Work) and ISTC (ISO/CD 21047 Information and Documentation―International Standard Textual Work Code) provide efficient means of identifying musical and textual works to trace usage in any media for the rights societies on an international level.

Both IFLA/FRBR and ISWC, ISTC have the same word “work” to denote their objects of identification. By comparing how the word “work” is used, this paper attempts to clarify the differences of identification criteria on information resources between the bibliographic community and the rights societies. ISWC and ISTC dose not use the word “work” in the same way as IFLA/FRBR does. The scope of “work” in ISWC and ISTC corresponds to both “work” and “expression” levels in the IFLA/FRBR conceptual model. The differences in meanings of the two usages of “work” come from the different positions to information resources.

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