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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS055071)

MINE,Shinji, UEDA,Shuichi, MIWA,Makiko
Library and Information Science Educators in Japan: Academic Quali・…ations and Research Productivity
No.55, p.71-82
Issue date

We studied Japanese LIS educators in terms of their academic qualifications and research productivity in order to more clearly comprehend the current state of library and information science education in Japan. It was found that while there was an increase in the number of both full-time and female faculty members, and an increase in the number of faculty members who were highly educated, there was a sharp decrease in the number of educators who had experience working at libraries. Furthermore, faculty members seemed to focus their attention on LIS-related academic societies. Finally, it was found that the number of researchers who publish scholarly articles in journals has increased in comparison with the findings of prior research.

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