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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS063019)

Job Structure of Junior High School Library Staff on the Basis of a Questionnaire for Eleven Cities in Japan
No.63, p.19-39
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Purpose: This paper examines the job structure of staff (teacher librarians/senior teachers with library management duties and school librarians) who work in junior high school libraries that function as media, information, and learning centers.

Methods: In 2008, two questionnaires were sent to the staff (teacher librarians/senior teachers and school librarians) of 234 junior school libraries in eleven cities. Replies were received from 227 respondents (response rate 49%). The data was analyzed using deviation value, cluster analysis, and factor analysis, and then the results were compared with those of a study of elementary school libraries in 2007.

Results: This research showed the following. (1) There were four main job areas of school library staff: central services, fundamental services, selective services, and peripheral services, in terms of performance and needs of jobs. (2) The staff who worked in school libraries that functioned as media, information, and learning centers did not perform most of the advanced jobs that required high technical skills. (3) The staff of the junior high school libraries and the elementary school libraries had four similar job areas, but tasks within each area differed.

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