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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS068085)

岡部晋典; 中林幸子
Libraries and Librarians Perspectives on the Handling of Pseudoscience Books: Interviews with Librarians
No.68, p.85-116


【方法】調査手法には半構造化インタビューを用い,30 分∼ 3 時間程度の聞き取り調査を行った。調査対象は北海道から関西まで,大規模図書館 5 館と小規模図書館 3 館の選書担当の職員である。調査時期は 2009 年 10 月∼ 2010 年 2 月である。質問項目は選書・リクエストの実態,他館連携,図書館の自由に関する宣言に対する意識,司書のライフヒストリー等といった 9 項目を大枠として尋ねた。

【結果】聞き取りによる主な結果は以下のとおりである。 1)( 選書カタログにおける所与の番号が図書館の蔵書構築には大きな影響を与えており,科学の分類番号を持つ疑似科学図書は科学の棚に置かれ続けうる(2)自館の予算が豊富であると,他館から「悩ましい図書」を買ってもらえるという期待を感じている(3)個人的心情では好ましくない図書であっても図書館には置かざるをえないと理解しつつも,そのための実態として「棚争い」や閉架収蔵が行われている(4)大規模図書館では疑似科学図書は棚に存在する「問題」であると感じている司書がいる一方,小規模図書館では疑似科学図書はリテラシー向上のツールや蔵書の多様性を担保する存在としてみなしている傾向にある等が発見された。


Purpose: Pseudoscience, which mimics science but is not ʻtrueʼ science, has been increasingly criticized by scientists or science communicators. Many libraries may struggle to handle books that conflict with valid scientific rationality. This study empirically examined the handling of such ʻdifficultʼ books at public libraries.

Method: From October 2009 to February 2010, semi-structured interview surveys were conducted at six large and three small public libraries in Japan. The librarians responsible for book selection at libraries were asked nine questions on book selection, purchase requests from users, library cooperation and so on.

Results: The following results were obtained: (1) library collection development is largely dependent on classification numbers described in catalogs for book selection, and therefore, ʻdifficultʼ books have been placed on the shelves of science if a classification number indicating a scientific field is assigned to such a book. (2) In a well-funded library, its librarian may assume that other small libraries hope that it will purchase ʻdifficultʼ books for the library. (3) Even if a librarian be-

lieves that ʻdifficultʼ books should be held in the library, he or she may personally feel that such books are not desirable, which leads to the so-called ʻbattle of shelfʼ, and place them in closed stacks. (4) The views on ʻdifficultʼ books vary between large and small libraries. Large libraries may consider their existence on the shelf to be a problem, whereas librarians in small libraries tend to regard that pseudoscience books can help to raise the literacy of users and diversify the library collection.

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