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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS074001)

Factors Influencing High School Teachers' Reading Guidance:the Personal Experience of Teachers and Reading Guidance Environment
No.74, p.1-29
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Purpose: This study examines factors that influence reading guidance at high schools in terms of teachers' personal experience of reading and reading guidance, and the environment surrounding reading guidance, and considers issues for improving reading guidance in high schools.

Methods: A questionnaire survey and interviews were conducted focusing both on teachers' personal experience of reading and reading guidance and on the reading guidance environment such as features of the school and the nature of the curriculum. The survey was conducted in order to understand teachers' reading experience, and the interviews aimed to clarify the teachers' background with regard to reading guidance.

Results: Factors that influence teachers' involvement in reading guidance include teachers' impressions about reading guidance in general as well as their own experience about reading guidance they received, whether they had a good reading environment at home while they were students; whether they have proactive reading experience and good memories of teachers and libraries, and work experience in promoting reading guidance at schools; the academic level of the students they teach; the characteristics of the subjects they teach; whether the school has a culture of promoting reading; and where reading guidance is located in the teaching curriculum, etc. In order to promote reading guidance at high schools, it is necessary to take measures for conveying the latest information about students' reading and reading guidance, and for creating a good reading environment and culture at schools.

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