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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS075001)

Norihiko TAKAIKE
Academic Libraries in Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Universities: Content Analysis of Evaluation Standards and Results
No.75, p.1-36
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Purpose: In order to identify the position of academic libraries within the university organization, and to consider the problems within certified evaluation and accreditation, this paper examines how academic libraries are evaluated in the certified evaluation and accreditation of universities.

Methods: Firstly, in terms of the evaluation items of the certified evaluation and accreditation institutions and the aspects of libraries that are evaluated, we compared institutions over the first and second cycle. Secondly, institutions were compared across the academic year and first and second cycle so as to determine the number of findings in the evaluation and accreditation results and which items among the evaluation standards are used in the evaluations. Thirdly, by analyzing the evaluation and accreditation results, self-evaluation results and "cases of advanced approaches, "the details addressed in the "cases of advanced approaches "and the "strengths "(library section) were compared among the evaluation and accreditation results.

Results: 1) The position of academic libraries has fallen within the evaluation by JUAA, increased in the evaluation by NIAD-UE, and has not significantly changed in the evaluation by JIHEE. 2) Regarding the "strengths "raised in the reports, libraries have been evaluated in terms of "social contribution, " "social networks, " "educational content/methods, " "educational content and methods, "and "student support. "Similarly, contents of "suggestions "and "recommendations "in the reports were not limited to library collections, resources, equipment and facilities. 3) The analysis of the "cases of advanced approaches "also showed that academic libraries have been evaluated from various perspectives.

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