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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS077087)

Information-gathering Activities by Japanese Corporate Library Users in the Internet Age and Roles They Attribute to the Library
No.77, p.87-115
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Purpose: By focusing on the effect of the Internet, this study aims to identify Japanese corporate employees' current information-gathering activities and the role that they expect Japanese corporate libraries to perform.

Methods: From July to September 2015, a survey was conducted with 194 employees from eight companies and five different industries. Ultimately, data from 137 respondents—130 people engaged in research and development and seven people from other areas—were used for analysis. The results of the survey were compared with those of previous studies and discussed.

Results: Employees gathered information primarily from free websites at their desks. If we define it as the service area of corporate libraries that provide information to the employees in the form of papers and documents, it accounted for less than 30% of all information-gathering activities. This figure represents a 20% decrease in the use of corporate libraries since the introduction of the Internet. Respondents stated that they would like corporate libraries to enhance their databases to include more electronic journals and magazines. This preference reflects the effect of the Internet. According to respondents, a library's primary roles as a “place of information gathering” were lending, browsing, and copying print collections, which were functions unaffected by the Internet.

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