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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS078001)

Sources for Resource Selection in Public Libraries: Analysis of Interviews with Librarians
No.78, p.1-26
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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to clarify how public libraries use the Weekly New Books Guidance provided by TRC Library Service Inc. (TRC), TRC MARC and to identify how sources and services provided by TRC are located in their task of selecting resources in public libraries.Methods: From November 19–30, 2010, we conducted semi-structured interview surveys at four city libraries and two town libraries in X Prefecture. The librarians were asked six questions pertaining to their library's budget and number of staff, the librarians' years of experience and likelihood of continuing employment, the type of neighborhood surrounding the library, user age and constitution of the neighboring inhabitants, method of selecting resources, use of the Weekly New Books Guidance, and obstacles to selecting resources and their measures.Results: As a result of our investigation, it became clear that public libraries, regardless of their size, depend to a considerable extent on TRC's tools, such as Weekly New Books Guidance and TOOLi, when conducting resources selection. However, it was also revealed that public libraries collect information from multiple viewpoints using tools other than the Weekly New Books Guidance. This was true for all the libraries investigated. Due to falling budgets and the resultant staff shortages making the selection of resources more difficult, we conclude that the Weekly New Books Guidance and other TRC's services make it possible to perform better resource selection and with less effort.

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