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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS078055)

Masamichi WADA
Comparison of Studies on SKOS Representation of Classification Scheme: Differences in Representation and Their Causes
No.78, p.55-77
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Purpose: Previous studies have either proposed or used the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) as a method for representing the elements of Knowledge Organization Systems(KOS). However, SKOS representations of the same element in different studies sometimes differed from one another. This study examines the causes of this.Methods: This paper focuses on the classification schemes among KOSs. SKOS representations of each element of a KOS, i.e., “centered entry,” “notation and heading,” and “auxiliary tables,” are different in previous studies. The study compares the processes of representing these elements in SKOS and considers the causes of the difference in representations.Results: The cause of the difference in representation for “centered entry” and “auxiliary tables” could be the difference in interpretation in different studies, while that for “notation and heading” could be the difference in priorities between previous studies. “Interpretation” is the way the element to be represented is understood. “Priorities” are things that someone prefers at the time of SKOS representation, such as uniqueness of skos:prefLabel or perspicuity of SKOS data. Which merits and demerits of each SKOS representation are emphasized depends on the “Priorities.”

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