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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS078111)

Actual Conditions and Characteristics of Academic Library Services for Undergraduate Research: A Survey and Interviews of Research Libraries in American and Canadian Universities
No.78, p.111-135



Purpose: This paper examines the actual conditions and characteristics of academic library services for undergraduate research in the United States and Canada.Methods: A questionnaire survey was conducted on 133 research university libraries that were selected as research objects. Invitations to participate in a web-based questionnaire survey were sent to the librarians of these institutions by e-mail. The duration of the survey period was October–December 2014, and the month of March in 2015. The interviews were conducted with six libraries. The e-mail interviews were conducted with four libraries in March and April 2015. The face-to-face interviews were conducted with two libraries in May 2015.Results: The total number of libraries that responded to the questionnaire was 30. The numbers of libraries offering each type of service are as follows: 30 libraries support courses that promote undergraduate research, 28 libraries support honors programs or honors students, 19 libraries support the undergraduate research opportunities program, 16 libraries are involved in the undergraduate research symposium, 9 libraries publish or support the publication of undergraduate research journals, and 14 libraries offer library research awards to undergraduate students. Many libraries collaborate with faculty, and several libraries collaborate with other units, such as the undergraduate research office and the honors program office. The results of the interviews clarified that promoting undergraduate research is considered one of the principal goals in universities, and that libraries recognized support for undergraduate research as an important service that is based on the university's policy.

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